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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 19, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>james: korean here earlier but as with 6 04 this week.
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>>reporter: you're absolutely correct we will have been warm afternoon in the south bay area but across the peninsula will continue to stay in the mid to upper 60s a live look outside we do have to clear skies from the area these temperatures will be in the '40's and 50's sentences of 52 across the north the mid to upper '40's and across the east played low to mid 50's attempted to apply to completely war of the afternoon. >>reporter: mainly along peninsula coastline will talk
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more about how high it would differ other areas and rain chance in store for parts of the weekend will have some quite roadways and here is what looks like all the bay bridge is about very quiet travel across the into this morning it is not too bad the golden gate bridge heading down south terrell county.. more red county.
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>>james: we have a global map of images here showing you the crossroad before the former to not about interstate 880, paramedics for st. it the same their rush to the hospital again with major injuries their recovery in the interest this morning. it was closed for several hours as police conducted the investigation the woman driving its corporate with investigators and alcohol and drugs at this point believe are the factors in this accident. >>james: burglars and antioch stockinette tracks after a neighbor report suspicious activity just in the nick of time to men were placed under arrest all thanks to some of those labors as kron 4 as
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reporter explained. >>reporter: the person shall miss on west the deals tree with the bears and the whole does not the recall to the home for to talk with the morning after neighbors filmed this is a the on-camera noticed the same to men who passed by all scooter's minutes earlier return would last and highly after opening the side gate and busting through the back window police showed up and waited until the burgles walk out what items from the house. the cut the red handed both men were taken into custody. >>james: we're learning more about the wild high-speed chase
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that brought u.s. is alive the sea its tree it explain the tactics used. that was a knock down to a. the walk away with all my injuries. >>james: this was a lesson comes at the criticism from the justice department for racially biased listed. the judge and
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city manager resign officially stepping down last week. happening right now the men hunt is on for at least two men suspected as the caucasus as well as its terror attack miller 20 people were killed and dozens of of those wounded gunmen wearing military uniforms and will be automatic weapons killed 19 people as they're getting off the buses in major museums in the capital nearly 50 others wounded most of those killed were for visitors to the museum two gunmen were killed in a shootout and the tories are not looking for two or three accomplices to that attack perry >>james: will tell you why and overheard trichosis them as a san francisco archdiocese issuing a miracle. + three children hurt in a 31 hit-and- run
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female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting
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new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. >>james: 10 minutes past the hour and size like this solution the shaman up on buses and tractors and is just across santa clara county into spring and summer to launch a new campaign not to the minors between public awareness supporters at the man for recommended senate to bridge the community about the small to their approach to disseminate any violence messages to
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partners included all the trends in social media. >>: to set up the messes that we all played a role we all have some role to play and making sure that the message gets out that violence the campaign is called we all parol to reach out to schools and parents and others offering help is a growing problem on the verge of becoming an epidemic will have nearsightedness and children run record numbers.
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>>reporter: larry under everything is really close all the computers and phones and everything dries a changing to match shimmied i bought getting longer and the like cannot reach the back its blurry this shows what happened that carries the risk of blindness some estimates predict one-third of the world population will be myopic in the next decade will will apparent do. really this to the solution is get the kids off the computer log in more outdoor time in more sunshine. >>james: is for 12 was
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a quick break a lot of the outside shell is the bay bridge in the city right now 53 degree should warmer to mid-60s by lunchtime room looking for near 70 in the financial district biggest up to a school out back with more headlines and a full check of weather and traffic coming up in just a moment.
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>>reporter: your absolute correct have pressure continues to build across the area given us concise this morning we will have some sunshine for today this the system will watch off to the north is to the scene to track often less out is indirection could possibly give the not been some rain on saturday in new have another storm system will to bring us to
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rain possibly on monday is a lot of the outside clear skies was again a very cool star and a comfortable start to the morning to not to back out there again you may need a light jacket discussing cost inland area will be of the war inside temperatures and low to mid '50s vocal of the 40 san jose 52 degrees talk of 51 livermore 49 degrees santa rosa on the kuala side at 44 degrees and the temperatures will continue to warm up. what did the expected drop was because he spent some to the cost they will concede to stay in to the up before this inland lower 50s. >>reporter: into the lunch hour to lose was thought to warm up into the mid to upper 60s the only difference does not want to be as when the as it was yesterday will have some light rain for the west. chiffon
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similar to start to bottom-up into the low 50s this morning quickly warming up into the upper 60s by the afternoon daytime highs will easily reach the mid to upper '70's. >>reporter: very warm across much of the area will start to build the cooler as the storm system reproaches and friday but again saturday for the northland that some arab of this lease is an isolated showers will such a move in on sunday and then by monday it will have a shower chance across the bay area for a little of the next week. it on the stock market to look to mid-70s a quick check of traffic this morning in the pretty good required across the
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bank traffic is slowly picking up at 417 this morning with again no delays in this area the look outside of the san mateo bridge on the 92 was about traffic still quite loud and to not seen the delays in the region this morning a look at the golden gate bridge comes out on a one-to-one for marin county traffic is still very quiet and there just a few cards in the roadway getting lost about one award. a quite commit this morning cool temperatures and and and very warm afternoon >>james: all to the news we have the san francisco archdiocese apologizing for using an overhead sprinkler system to deter homeless people from slipping outside st. mary's
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cathedral. >>reporter: the san francisco archdiocese is issuing the command for solid overhead sprinklers and for all tools on either side of st. mary's cathedral the church says sprinklers were installed two years ago without a permit to deter was people from sleeping there. after the media reports the whole the skipper were still sleeping there in getting doused with water on a nightly basis the church has not remove the sprinklers auxiliary said people
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in the church included himself knew the strikers were there and what they're for but never about the question and this was the right thing to do all was advocates say this was another example of the humanizing of his people and those in the neighborhood agreed. the church said they will look into this and the teachings of a it was to determine how to get started why it was never monitored and why no one came forward into now. >>james: target is selling a class act lawsuit in which the this massive 2013 did breach according to the sediment and
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landau fun will be setup for victims to get a $10,000 each in compensation that made it clear proof of harm and is likely the customs when the bills approved the lost any money. police are investigating affect emergency phone call was made for from the ranch. they're looking for the man who made the fico was led to large police response at the home and have the right uppercut to the afternoon the caller told dispatchers abide a crime had taken place at the former estate but emergency crews from nothing in the practice of
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making for emergency calls is called flooding swatting in full support our customers to manage and if someone is injured that immediately becomes a felony. for charles and duchess of the visit with president obama and vice president joe biden the royal couple's with the date news and the number of landmark step in washington d.c. is not every day the to get the chance to shake hands with the future king but that is exactly what happened wednesday in washington d.c. and prince charles and his wife camilla the duchess spent a busy day in washington taking incise cut the margin of the king jr. memorial caceres leaded why the visit was light jackson said its allies the efforts of both countries to the four series' global problem.
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from the king memorial across the potomac to visit george washington home a lot bird and by virginia governor and his wife dorothy perry of >>reporter: it originated in england service the foundation for the american constitution and bill of rights to to split in the afternoon camilla paid a visit to the national stage there co. and charles took part in an event on the reduction of plastic waste part of his effort to protect the environment around the world. >>james: we have the two best teams in the nba's where lawful or orenda will table and come up after the regular july of the outside pretty good so far on
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the waterfront will have oakland looking at a loss 54 degrees in terms of the temperature should warmer to 65 violence turns 73 letter this afternoon back with more headlines in just a minute.
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>>james: the best in the east was in the spec to take on the best in the west we had cretonnes inside lining but that did not slow down the golden state warriors harrison barns at 25 points as the golden state warriors with passing glenn hall were 14 and 95 staff currie has 16 points to trim the 18 points more in 14 rebounds as the golden state to over the best records in the league with the 10th straight win at home. the
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ball was will really well and will was being aggressive in taking any and that he did that is how you win the game. >>james: a friend and i do not forget kron 4 news start at 8 followed by baseball by the bay and nine career
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>>james: with the i did see for the man who died in a kayak and
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into that position from the helicopter partnership with abc seven news accord is a 55 year- old nicholas was killed in a friend or kayaking and witnesses said they hit rocks rescue was found him dead in the water his friend was pulled from the water treated and released. >>james: because the entire incident of camera the recall to the house for to the caucus to live more in this often meant passing by and then return with less than hoodies police showed up but a to the bird was walked out in boats never taken into custody this emphasis on archdiocese not apologizing for use of overhead sprinklers to deter people from slipping outside of st. mary's cathedral of the church says the spread of were installed two years ago but after the report surfaced that they were still sleeping there and getting doused with water every night the church were moved to go sparklers.
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>>reporter: sphere it is once you are the warmest days over the next seven days if you have it out their plans is to predict what side here is what looks like still dark out but the sun will come out to after seven but you will wake up for some clear skies when passing in the fall and other areas we should not be delayed with that of the roast is rotted held another look outside as a follow very clear start in this area to my wins across the region temperatures right now into the '40's and '50's will spots across the north by across the east bay they're into up before is the low fifties as well and there continues to fall before the sun comes out and then they will quickly warmed up this afternoon to the judge will continue to stay into the low 50s which comes clear skies
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tech the daytime highs for continues to walk into the mid to upper 70's and the end of the sea to slow the court down this time highs across the east bay mid to upper seventies as well as a percentage along the bank will continue for parts of the peninsula not bent of the seven is all and all very warm day across the region less to a quick check of the bridges out there and here is what looks like right now at the bay bridge are before the toll plaza traffic has picked up the still going the general speed limit
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>>reporter: this area will continue to pick up over the next couple of hours a look at the golden gate bridge traveling southbound on 101 in this area and will proceed on with a very quiet commit for this reason for the next hour and then it will pick stuff we're talking richmond san rafael bridge bridge was bomb on friday still require in some areas to continue to be closer to marin county. >>james: to the news we have three children badly injured after a man called the crash and then ran away only on kron 4 this morning to help pull the should to safety. >>reporter: the chaotic scene in
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flow of traffic entering one person and three children, and the loss was nearly missed the accident she was one car back would happen if our passenger started shooting this video while she jumped into action. the lady screaming help me help me get my baby out and we are trying to get a small seven rothschild who was bleeding from the lock out the back of the car was mangled in the car seat that i thought of we do not get the child of the car will have a worse tragedy cars are born to a bank into the card is already down and cannot move. i jump in the car and pulled a seven year- old i think the g-7 issued five or seven-and she's bleeding from her mouth and i give her to her mom edge of after that the apparent than it did >>reporter: the suspect's vehicle which caused the crash rate and did another car cause in the row over wreck
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investigators said the driver of the car because the crash of out of the vehicle and started running on foot into oncoming traffic he was able to get away the past in that car was not so lucky he said here being treated on the ground for his injuries. >>james: happened today governor jerry brown will be unveiling san jose police are searching for will rock the 711 with a stun gun we have video from surveillance cameras showing us the famous suspect she held a 711 store on my road
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intersection in san jose did say that word to the store demanded money from the cash register and then ran away. please also from stole documents from the preschool in los altos machine national headlines this morning and i stood in virginia slammed into the ground and bloody during an arrest the struggle to in the student and alcohol control agent rod on camera and out there till the arrest and the injuries have prompted the governor to get involved.
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>>james: of these images may be considered graphic. >>reporter: first came cries of confusion and a cry for peace. and is the students at the university should support for this land mr. johnson his face clearly bast and by concrete there is no worse perhaps there are no words but there are pictures and video they show the 20 been arrested protectee this celebration outside of the irish public at all patrol agents will happen before the rest not on video but investigators say agents approached after a bouncer turned away the fear arrest became violent. ages 7 to start fighting but after this encounter he needed 10 stitches the videos hard for the
4:39 am
university to see. and she got the governor and law to lost an independent investigation the june data student had no clear record and to allow he is charged with public intoxication and obstruction of justice during a rally tears fell down his bruised face the blood still on the sidewalk with the message is simple respect. still ahead in east debate later caught in the crossfire gang violence will tell you what happened while he was leaving a baseball game will tell you about the question i that area safe for kids to play and my kron 4 story.
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>>gabe slate: good morning the federal trade commission second directv to corsair they're misleading customers and to pay more than a shift from the press is 1999 a month no actual events only good for years in the second year it goes up 25 to $45 a month where does this sit anywhere near the you're locked into a two-year contract face slow to have to look really hard for zero resolve there is some tiny mouse plan that tells you that. for >>gabe slate: you pay a fee of the $480 this is time for directv to more direct with their customers the emphasize three months' free hbo showtime cinemax did not tell you have the council or you get hit with
4:43 am
up to $6 a month and charges for that. >>: many millions of consumers lost a lot of money and we filed the suit to get the money back also we want directv to start adequately disclosing all this information on this plant adds tv commercials on its web site in a statement even to us directv said the decision is wrong with it will vigorously defend themselves for as long as it takes.
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>>james: do we have a shot for some wrinkles. --sprinkles >>reporter: a few isolated showers would not for the late friday night and early saturday morning will have another shot talk about that with the storm track 474 cab there was what looks like right now from the embarcadero of very beautiful shot still dark out we do have actors guys were not seen any fall that could hamper your drive this morning here was well looks like it as if all clear skies will over here--test of all--sfo
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>>reporter: oakland 49 san jose lower 50s the same for concord livermore or 40's you may need to grab a light jacket this morning but we are expecting a very warm day along with the conditions will continue on with sunshine the trenton to 20 mi. per hour in this area if you're cross the east bay and south bay will similar 7 is for the region again across the east bank debts for to see the warmer temperatures of the day perry of,,
4:48 am
>>reporter: my caller is still above average but not more than we are expecting today and then we will see isolated showers for saturday melee across the north bank sunday looks to be quiet by monday the sea is our chance across the entire bay region and then by tuesday and wednesday will start to cool a little bit. here is what looks like right now at the golden gate bridge southbound 101 traffic has picked up a little bit more here but even if you look at the north lawn direction of not releasing any cars on the road the track should be gone the speed limit a second look at the richmond san rafael bridge 580
4:49 am
west down location traffic started to pick up little bit more here still very quiet most of the area should like to work on time if you're planning to leave for now on the next to minutes or so but in just one this morning will have a warm afternoon. >>james: 1 is a neighborhood fighting back as gang violence gets closer to the parks >>reporter: we play games at the park for tormentor's is leaving the last night after the game and he drove right into a shootout it was not at the park it was in the neighborhood but you're not to shoot around kids will is to not have names his
4:50 am
kid was in the car and it was like to he narrowly escaped a nightmare parian this he said is so much more than baseball would not what our parents to abandon the leaks because of something like this happening is not only calling for an even more vigilant parents as well he wants them to stick with little investing in the community and the children's future with the
4:51 am
number of parents to give up the fight for our to the parks of st. if delay is taken from the players and go to city council asking them to vote in favor of a fund and provide money for youth programs here in russia to help keep kids off the streets. >>james: we checked out the last door after of your reached out to us if you have a story idea you like us to look into it to our web site at kron 4 and click on the mark kron 4 storage have to submit your story suggestion. to national news and california news of that matter the navy not investigating a sale training accident in southern california a navy seal was killed and military training accident yesterday this if it appears the parachute did not open properly during the planned job the body was covered with the american flag after the incident for the
4:52 am
military's when to notify the family before releasing his identity. if fifth an explosion in does to people the research facility this is a lesson with ammunition into civilian work of researching and also the vice when it detonated. fifth decide >>: we're trying to understand the nature of the event that occurred in terms of was it a for that nation >>james: what do you think of requiring everyone who's eligible america to vote president obama like the idea to move forward with it of making
4:53 am
it mandatory to vote in the united states they say countries like australia and and one voter in america will completely change the political map the president also tinnitus is to consider constitutional amendment to a crystal of money in elections. sixth service may have erased surveillance video of agents during a car through an active bomb threat investigation at the white house the two ages are accused of drinking and driving the stick away from potential bomb house oversight committee requested the surveillance but was told that it was to preserve is positive is the video at the seventh two hours the spokesperson says in the event of our bridges that security sensitive video footage is maintained for investigative purposes. >>james: other references
4:54 am
investigated the term of the go the other man's control without the told investigators that he was line drawn on some of the party went up for the loss control the content the secret service with the delaware was the faa is now reviewing the incident his flaws a quick break, enough with senate-house starbucks is planning to make it easier for you off to get your morning cuff for joe.
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>>james: you will be allowed to get a starbucks coffee delivered to your hard and your office will be setup as seattle will let customers sphere pay
4:57 am
for delivery to the application and the price of a building in the new york city bragging or beverages to customs officers the tests will happen this here is officials guelph for macy half a wider loss to see all works out will take a break coming up: more of the deadly terror attacks on the museum intonation and the death toll continues to rise.
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>>darya: good morning and get ready for the weekend. off >>jam >>george: right now the chp is an easy ride mostly around the bay. >>james: it will be nice listed outside immediately into a quick look at what we're saying as a fog camera nice and clear no issue out there this morning of fog not a factor for you it is a nice speech to start this morning on the waterfront as george says the rise so far looks nice and at the limit less cyclical than a week expect in
5:01 am
the south bay. >>james: we are tracking of before is the low 50s at the moment the separatist and the peninsula by noontime it will pick up the to us will be sunny and mild the lunch hour with the low to mid '60's and the niche of the six come lead on today by 5:00 p.m. will be a little rigid but otherwise relevant pretty mild temperatures mid-60s at that point a great day today it will be the hottest day of the week will attempt to match and not into the upper seventies across to the number of and in locations will show it to you in the to a coming up in just a bed of light without side off will we have conditions that all the cool side and santa rosa 45 will have a mid to upper 60s of before is i should say in the fifties and in the south bay low 50s is what was and wasn't coming in at about 50 degrees. >>james: in the meantime you
5:02 am
second out to the dollar of the brand new kron 4 web application >>george: the start with a quick look at the bridges and drive times for you to check out of the east bay heading toward san francisco with the ride is just nine minutes from highway 24 and for your trip across the san mateo bridge and out of hay work this morning you consider the construction crews they're wrapping up there on the eastbound side of the road by a free trip to the golden gate bridge on an easy ride through marin county under 25 minutes from the bottle down to the golden gate bridge or problem free across the span. >>darya: a store you see only on kron 4 three children injured after a hit and run crash in the east bank the driver who cause the took off from the same brand ride into a freeway in got away this happen yesterday
5:03 am
afternoon are interstate 80. >>will tran: right now they still do not have a description of the driver despite the tightening his passengers not in trouble but he fled and left in the car this all happened right behind me those other tell lies east down 80 he actually ran in that direction to oncoming traffic most likely jump over the fence and took off initially the dramatic video we got this itself on video from women who showed up to the st. they missed the accident much as a couple of seconds they showed up and saw the cars involved in this the got a little bit closer and they realize the children were involved in fact one of the kids he was bleeding from the mouth. >>will tran: there realize we have to get these kids out of the car as quickly as possible
5:04 am
if cars are still coming in that direction the castillo's see what it did to westbound 80, to the accident that happened around once was in the afternoon >>will tran: let's hear from the woman who jumped all over this and save all of these children's lives. >>: i thought if we did i get this child up the car will have or worse tragedy cars are on to a bank into the car that is already down and cannot move. >>will tran: fortunately the children are no facilities and is multicar accident as far as a description of the driver put a phone card to the sea its feet as it still at the same the passenger was hurt only by now here she is the sea its tree it would finance driver.
5:05 am
>>will tran: the public information officer was all over this late last night but even at that time they did not have the description of the name of the driver but of course several hours have passed the house with this morning they will have at the very least his name and description and hopefully in the rest already being made. you see just how dangerous it is that it had been on the other side of the freeway preempt >>will tran: he hopped on eastbound and shows to the mode of and how determined he was to get away from the same. >>mark: americana shares of was not identified the man who was killed and kayaking accident lot of the mollusk bay it was a professor at santa rosa is a college and then decide not as typified merrill--year-old.
5:06 am
>>mark: he was kayaking with a friend and decided the time that what they reached the beach area he fell to the water and his friend turned to help, and found the kayak filled with water he tried to pull a lot from the water with the ball fell and his friend was able to get to shore but lost life of him despite his body about a half hour later. >>darya: 21 your mother and when your son have major injuries after they were hit by as uv and it happened last night the mother was pushing the stroller the to for the tennis and all ramp the tech a picture of the intersection you can see where this happened or all right was closed for several hours for the police were investigating the woman to to your woman was driving an estuary and struck the mother and the baby and she is cooperating with the police.
5:07 am
>>mark: the number of dead and a terror attack in a museum to the edge has risen to 23 the search is on for a to tourists visit the fifth floor also injured in the shooting and the video from the same the suspect to costas at the bar girl museum and tenacious. there were just in military-style uniform opening fire to of the attack for killed in the shootout with security forces one of the government was already known by intelligence officials. >>mark: still had several cisco bars bias is not apologizing this morning for how he treated homeless people will explain that coming up. after a break while the sales could be blocked for ever.
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>>mark: they want to put a star to the sign they found the motion in court on tuesday to prevent the copying distributing and performing of the hit song featuring for real bargain thickened t i they were ordered to pay nearly 7.4 million to three of the children after a jury determined last week they copied elements are the icons' 1977 hit to give up the river the biggest hit of 2013 and sold more the seven main tracks of the u.s. and turn to grammy nominations still ahead of violin competition with police is caught on camera will tell you why this has the community and where track in the weather this morning in your area and all around the bay to look at the golden gate bridge hardly any traffic at all we will be right back.
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>>darya: is 514 retinol we really get up that early in is not easy but is easier when you don't want to be nice and sunny when you see the live in the tunnel which will be a really warm temperatures beautiful skies a lot of sunshine today is one to be picked apart from the bay where are ready off to rely start of clear conditions this is the bay bridge across cameras on the bus was bound 80 the east bay hills they're off in the distance and so far so good if you're getting up and getting out the door and is a little cool and spots where during pretty good in terms of temperatures here was where regard right now the cold spots continue to be in the north it was santa rosa at about 44 degrees for 9 in oakland and because the sky is not clear where checking the temperature to continue to drop by a few degrees as a hit for sunrise was will not happen for another
5:16 am
couple of hours in the south the 50 in san jose 52 in san francisco and that is the way it is right now but it will investing warmer to reinvest a budgetary a quick look and opened a brick out the department forecast growth in was to be a pretty good example of the entire east bank was off to local start as we saw an attempt to page our timber to some of the 40's and 50's but by about 10:00 will come up into the mid '50s mid-60s by noon time for lunch. >>james: will ride that bus 72 degrees and opened the the only a degree by 6:00 p.m. tonight with images even in the mid-60s by p.m. great weather may be to have some the outside if japan does the way of looking for the rest of the bay this afternoon we're expecting 76 to 70 degrees antioch in brentwood it may still be a little resentful
5:17 am
along the coast every whereon the bay in and lend it will be picture-perfect hear the storm track 47 the around the bay forecast there's a storm system to our north in coming up i will show you the wide satellite if you access to the sister in the pacific northwest you may get the southern edge of the late friday night by saturday we're doing pretty good there is another system that is in bonn was good and i decided i wanted to monday that acid looks to be a little stronger. let's see how the rosa developing the convict we do not have any hot spots to report yet that is good news. >>george: still uneasy track the backed up is just beginning here westbound and for you're ride of the east bay hayward and it over to the peninsula and san mateo no delays it for your trip across the san mateo bridge and
5:18 am
tracking the drive on highway 101 here for more recounted still pretty life for the southbound 101 ride still a two to four minutes out of the bottle is an easy ride down here to the golden gate bridge and at the richmond bridge or on to find very like traffic are announcing the latest on 580 come over from the hoffmans with a quick look at the ride here through the east bay coming out of dublin and heading south toward presence and an easy trip with no problems for you're ride westbound leading toward castro valley. >>george: is just a to 4 minutes from the dublin and to change. >>mark: a violent struggle between alcohol control agents and the students of the university of virginia. mr. johnson was arrested the effect that to this celebration outside of an irish of what happened was not caught on camera investigators say the became violent after about the turn him
5:19 am
away his honor student who had no criminal record a new charge with public intoxication and destruction of justice that lawson and the can investigation and a special agents in the bill have not been moved to mention my duty. a pregnant woman responded to presence at for their clothes and stabbed and beaten and the baby removed from her stomach. >>mark: the child did not survive this happen this afternoon about 4 mi. north of the recall all the woman was seven months pregnant was trying to get better close to chrysler's and she was badly beaten by another woman a woman was attacked and expected to survive the 34 you're was arrested at the hospital bringing that baby into the hospital saying it was born prematurely. >>darya: knew this morning 19 sea birds a minute international bird rescue and san francisco nearly two months after being
5:20 am
coded and a mysterious do so far hundred and 54 healthy births have been claimed rehabilitated and return to the wild nearly 500 birds were affected by the glue which have not been identified as i made it difficult for the birds to stay warm or to regulate their body temperature many of the birds had pressure sores which could take months to recover from despite finding it on the birds none other the substance was found in the was >>mark: the san francisco are styluses apologize for using over hers with a system to the the term homeless people from sleeping outside st. mary's cathedral the church to stop the spread was two years ago the church decided to remove the sprinklers listened to speakers were sent a precaution because homeless before leaving biggest items on the church the purpose
5:21 am
was selected cathedral dark bronze as well as the homeless people who happen to be on the ground safe. >>: we are sorry the attaches have been misunderstood and recognize that the method was ill-conceived. and actually has had an opposite effect to what it was intended to do. >>mark: the plan to look at this as a teaching moment and it was started while it was not monitored and why no one came forward until now. >>darya: mrs. michele president obama issues rose in her new program the girls learned she arrived in tokyo yesterday and today she and her japanese counterpart announced plans to deepen cooperation in helping girls to develop the rope that
5:22 am
is part of a journey that began decades ago back when she was >>mark: and other living area warmer arrested for burglarizing a church will say what she stole coming up.
5:23 am
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>>reporter: we have some clear skies out their hair is a look right now and our embarcadero shot from our studios and we have to clear skies and temperatures are on the cooler side for this morning coming up at 530 days will have more what else to inspect is going to be warm and beautiful.
5:26 am
>>mark: the biggest company in the world is joining america's stock index as of this morning apple is part of the dow jones industrial average apple offers to join the dollar after trading got at&t was was building from the index after 10 years the stock is already been on fire is of more than 2% this year and more than 60% over the past 12 months so apple now one of the dow 30 and the mark is posted huge the dow was down 150 the doll making a huge turnaround was the 21 the two to seven. and that over the 18,000 are the nasdaq over 45 and receive data over 5000 mark and as of the 500th of 25 to 2099. >>darya: target will have a class action lawsuit according to the bill at $10 million fund
5:27 am
is one to be setup for victims who could get a $10,000 each in compensation there has to be in a clear proof of harm is likely that many customers and that was built to prove that the actual loss money the settlement's terms were reached early this month but they're still waiting for the approval of a federal judge that bridge impact of 210 million people still ahead and that room and the east bay is on alert after two problems were caught will tell you what happened. introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal say, w avlabloverhe cnterinull escrtiontrenh. whene brthe allgens r boes rct b overrodung s keyinflmato subance that cau ourympts. the adinalley pi onl ntro one onascontls s. and
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5:29 am
>>james: web want to see temperatures even at the 80 degree mark for some spots e spencer of the valley's would like to reserve hot for 80
5:30 am
above. it will be one this afternoon most of area in the mid to upper segment is clear will start of the core temperatures and war and of after the sun comes up right now we're saying temperatures that are in the mid-40s in some spots of the '40's and others is a cool started you need injectable to want to just the kids in layers they're on to tech goes off as we into the afternoon for recess. >>james: the golden gate bridge shown a clear conditions here is the storm track before they park planner with the day down to three parts start with the morning our 7:00 a.m. pretty much is that we're saying let our customers in its a perfect will catch some reason condition of in the mid to upper 60s and then all this and saw nothing is have to come to get as 946 degrees warmer today the we were yesterday that will be mid-70s to any degrees.
5:31 am
>>james: 52 in san francisco and i will be back in 15 minutes and saw a lot of them will be changing beginning >>george: was ejected backing them at the outside lanes for taxpayers to write down the center however this will probably all change and sometimes in the next 12 minutes once the meeting last activated your trip time to the san mateo bridge highway 92 still looks good just in a 11 minute drive times ahead out of the east bay over toward hayward still not tracking any hot spots
5:32 am
that is good news for you. >>mark: we're falling right now mother and her baby are in the hospital this morning with major injuries after being hit by suvs this happened in hayward yes to the evening at tennyson free on a ramp for michael and his life right now on the scene and we understand and maybe allied out in the crosswalk. >>reporter: where to live with it was bound to listen to the northbound 2880 all right traffic moving this morning is a very dark or swap with a live look here that provided by the media without that will be completely pitch black than a flashing light and the consumers in the crosswalk tech a look the streetlight near the crosswalk is out a couple of factors they're all the chp said it is unclear if they played any role in the crash less like what happened rostellum clock the chp said a white honda s u b slammed into a two to one your woman and when your boy tools and a stroll
5:33 am
at the time they believe there were and the crosswalk when the driver struck them both for transfer to the cost of the major injuries. she is cooperating with authorities to despite she is not been arrested or cited those not caught by have been ruled out a stack the to the crash. . >>darya: burglars in antioch and never caught in the act and report suspicious activity and here is a bill that we have received is napa is also hiding behind a red truck waiting for the rigors as there are coming outside the dawn of the officers are there. they try to kron 4 as
5:34 am
you can say they were arrested. >>darya: recall to the home because the neighbors notice to men pacified squatters and their return would last in hoodies police were waiting there and then adjutancy they took them into custody the burglars this sale are in their teens. >>mark: a house republican effort to better or in a government-wide effort to free u.s. hostages san diego congressman duncan on a river leasing a bill to the call on the president to pass one person to cover american hostages. >>mark: to call for one into a disaccord nader will manage the task force and government agencies to work on each hostage case. >>mark: the election victory was for him but not good for u.s. e
5:35 am
release is ready relations president obama and net gavel already had a religious before they rode out the creation of a palestinian state. it cut the coalition and for the jeopardy >>darya: 10 to lead the surveillance pictures that we have been given to conceive a woman and she was holding a stun gun the park said when she held up the 7-eleven all my road. >>darya: she took off on foot in addition to taking a look at the fall of this letter as an african-american woman under 49 years old and medium light strip hair. >>darya: then recovered to
5:36 am
guitars one worth $5,000 that was taken in a berkeley 70 road at the gene has a san francisco was booked into santa clara county main jail on sunday for the burglary that have been at the trinity lutheran church in palo alto as a service image that is from the church and here is the mug shot police said she had the keys to the church and other businesses in downtown palo of some into stolen property as well from a preschool and los altos with all that in the investigation including the guitar to the total about and the guitars were stolen but they're not sure where they came from. >>mark: an everest fighting back is getting vitas clips go to the parks the rich little leaguers as local officials for their support the play today as part of san pablo baseball.
5:37 am
>>: not losing to the streets. they're asking parents to tickling and invest in the community in the children's future will look into the story after the restart to us and wanted to investigate and report if your story was to look into it looked kron 4, and click on the micron for storage have. >>darya: than a fast food is not always lead to help they're eating.
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>>george: just a little over half an hour from the all to my past to the dublin to change the traffic any time with the kron 4 mobile applications for free download the works on apple for android. >>darya: if you love star books and can i get out to pick it up you might like this you a bill to get starbucks delivered to your home or office starbucks announced to pilot plans one is in seattle obviously you have to let customers order and pay for delivery and another test programs want to happen at the empire state building in new york city were as the but starbucks worker world bring the order beverages to customers' offices. >>mark: is because you cannot love to walk a block and have the starbucks everywhere. >>darya: instead of the brown nose in the officer you will pay starbucks $2. i'm thinking of
5:42 am
the dollar to for delivery. if it works out there do a wider field. >>darya: out not mind it. it is not in and out on every corner. >>james: here is a live look outside the san mateo bridge to harmonize in clear this morning this afternoon with the warmest afternoon you will like it on the horizon we do have showers and loud applause storm's one and the other one may have to get something out of it. before the terrell said
5:43 am
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>>mark: the driver injured several people including three children in this crash happened on interstate 80 and berkeley the chp said the hit-and-run driver was in the car call 0 overact investigators said the driver fled on foot in the oncoming traffic to of the children injured in the crashes have been released from hospital with a four your remain in intensive care. >>darya: a young mother and her son was severely injured hit by a car they were walking in the crosswalk at happened in hayward showing you where that area is just before the tennis and on route no patched 880 it was nasty driver who 22 you're warm and incorporating with the police. >>mark: to have identified the kayaker who died in the beaches of a 55 year-old nick the professor a lot santa rosa virginia college she was kayaking with a friend and according to police the to men seventh kayaking was the
5:47 am
afternoon but ended up in this rocky area near dulles beach they're treated at the scene and released. >>darya: is 546 will to check in with the weather. >>james: it is one to be in the upper seven is to near '80s in fact a couple of committees that if will make a one of the of the week a was a early cancers spring on the night from a lack of note spring is for this is starting tomorrow with the equinoxes alive the outside and nighttime hours to equate the not received tomorrow is the first official start of spring. >>james: nice and clear here we have clear conditions not only by the bay and oakland but also on the other side of the east bay hills and valleys nothing but start out there this morning but also to the judge at
5:48 am
the moment santa rosa for instance for concord in little more 50th san jose all the committees drop another few degrees is it for sunrise. >>james: court to start but nice and hot this afternoon must give you a quick zuniga and look of san jose and temperatures look at that the starting hour at the 50 degree mark dropping down into the upper 40's here just a little bit the dust but in the crowd jumping up to near 60 by noontime and that the 2:00 this after the war are real to 76 and 77 degrees and hold it nice and warm there for the mid-70s into the low seventies let up until 6:00 p.m. tonight and even bought a p.m. along great looking forecasts this is san jose but just about every community will sea temperatures
5:49 am
similar to this as you were aware to the afternoon as to the rest of the bay area were looking is 75 to 76 degrees to the inland is a valid mid to upper seven is for nothing 69 san francisco 73 in oakland and the today it will be fantastic across the blue but then things changed as a hint to as >>james: the wide view shows of the part of it not all of the we're talking the northern part of the north bank unfortunately eyehole to come sunday night into monday a little more widespread we hope is and this is part of items that were attacking that kron 4 is specifically. >>james: will have a better idea come sunday zack how much ride we expected to fall for today will be sunny and what does what
5:50 am
you need to know not to traffic forcing that traffic back not not the bay bridge toll plaza at the misery likes happened and have been activated. >>george: is already rich ride to the edge of the macarthur maze at the july time very quickly turns from 9 to 11 minutes a to 61018 and is not for the westbound truck in the east with four san francisco and for the east into san tailhook will not get picked up any the less said no reply is as it can see coming on west of the toll plaza the golden gate bridge ride looks great there is a report that might have been some debris in the lands within the backed up the ride this is reported to stock of the toll plaza a large feet of concrete the trip to the richmond bridge was about interstate 580 in the castle is the backed up on the right-hand side. f
5:51 am
>>darya: the law the restricted new fashion a restaurant from opening in the curving obesity or making in the approval of the the giants--diets they struggle with high of the city reached their and other health problems that is why they implemented the ban on long limit for the fast- food outlets it did not ban new places and struck mauls the new study found obesity rates continue to rise and south lost angeles even after the law was passed the health experts say it was not enough during the of the city problems they also have to
5:52 am
exercise lifestyle changes and you cannot like fast-food of the planet. >>reporter: children generally places them are girls are asked to bring the backed is vastly ikea his pictures from an event that happened last year check this out will have some people hiding in some very clever spots and in the palos cushions anything like that but the interesting thing is an action started off as a bucket lids for woman turned 30 years old afterward that out people kept turning for thousand people after signing of this event the action contacted her to help organize and that was the only event that to help out with an all this of the facebook even started happening in became this thing and they do not want you to do it anymore saw was hiding behind the curtains here is
5:53 am
another one would someone hiding between the stuff animals and more palos. >>reporter: there are tough smaller lines and there's actually one and am revell happening on saturday at san if you go shopping there but repair people could be hiding in a cause or even underneath the bed just be careful this is not you know what to do this is got a shot and enjoy but if you were there when you think that it will for a cute out some of his pop out a closet. >>mark: the golden state warriors 142 to 95.
5:54 am
>>darya: is time for basketball but it is baseball time we have the special baseball by the bay and it airs this friday night at 9:00 p.m..
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